Why I require picture and phone number?

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I require the phone number and picture when contacted via FaceBook or Google 24 hours before any reading for it tells me a few things about you.

1. When someone gives up their number it tells me that they are open, committed, and will not resist me during a psychic reading.

2. A Photo of the person getting the reading allows me to meditate on them prior to the reading. This is important for it allows me time to gain as much information that I can. The picture allows me to give a better reading.

3. Most people want to send this info last minute, but sometimes there are issues like power outages, cell phone services, and so on.

4. It takes me hours sometimes to get into the right vibration to give a clear reading for people, therefore this information assures me that you will attend the session. This will avoid many issues that can come from connecting to another vibration for me.