Group Readings

Group readings are done through Skype.
First, feel out this information below, then click the send button, and make a payment for the session through PayPal. Once completed, I will send an e-mail with the link for the skype session within 48 hours.

How the Spiritual session works:
I use the pictures you sent to me before the session to see if I get any spiritual information for you, then I deliver that information during the session. This session is a group reading, which means not everyone may get a reading. I may talk a little about things I have learned through my spiritual growth during the session and answer questions that people have. If I get a message even after the session, I will attempt to contact you to deliver the message. Through these group sessions, I reduce the prices knowing that not everyone will receive a message, therefore no one will feel the full expense for my time. This may also be an interesting experience for one to just be a part of, which may create some value in one’s own life.

Price $20.00 per session per person.