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I am someone who constantly

I am someone who constantly battlefield with anxiety and depression. I did meditation with Charles and he taught me everything I needed to know. He made it possible for me to do this all on my own and I am living proof that you can get yourself controlled and be at peace. Its a great way to find your inner self and pull all the bad out and bring peace in.

Jennifer Blevins

I have had two readings

I have had two readings with Charles. He has accuracy intranslating the things I needed to hear from passed loved ones. Charles is always prompt in answering my messages. I thank him for reminding me about what’s really important. I have learned so much about myself in our conversations and I feel stronger, thanks to his cerebral insight. I look forward to future conversations with Charles.

Laura Wachter

I sincerely enjoyed my time,

I sincerely enjoyed my time, speaking with Mr. Blevins. I don’t even know if he was aware just how much he was in tune with my state of mind at the time of the call.

Mr. Blevins is insightful and uses his time well.

Thank you!

Marlo Forney

Our family was given a

Our family was given a message from Charles, out of the blue and unsolicited, which has brought a great deal of comfort to those needing it the most. I cannot thank him enough for the healing that he has instigated. The reading was given to our cousin in the US but was intended for family in the UK. There is no way that this man could have even known about our existance, let alone given such personal insight into our pain without the help of spirit. Thank you, from myself, my sister and my mother.

Susan Hughes

Since the loss of a

Since the loss of a loved one, I’ve visited with psychics before hoping to find the healing I needed. Mr. Blevins gave such a personal reading and He told me things no one could have known . He helped me to move forward in my healing process. I can’t thank him enough. He has a true gift.

Kay Waskey

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