Self Intro Experience

If you have never met your inner self, then you may find that you may have some issues within your life. These issues can vary from peace, feeling comfortable within your skin, a yearning, stress, illness issues, problems of focusing, and so on. An introduction to Self Intro Experience will allow you to start learning how to find balance and start healing the inner self for a better external life.

The Self Intro Experience introduces basic tools and concepts to connect with your inner self. This is an evening of learning from a psychic on how to use basic mediation, food, quietness, and touch to create a new perception of self and our world. The goal is to prepare you for your own spiritual journey that can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Preparing for beginners’ intro:

  1. Meditate daily and do not worry about duration.
  2. Shower/Bathe/Wash before coming and do not use perfumes, oils or makeup
  3. Bring loose clothing or whatever you sleep in for comfort.
  4. Reduce meats by half to none within your diet 3 days prior if possible.
  5. Eat very little 24 hours before, no foods 6 hours prior and drink plenty of water.
  6. The day of coming think of love and keep joyful thoughts in your mind when possible.