Around the age of seven, I became aware of my sight, which is instrumental in my life development. At the age of twenty-three, I Joined the USMC, and still currently serving part-time in the military. The USMC gave me the grave insight into business infrastructure and operations that apply to any business institution. Armed with sight and knowledge of business has allowed me to spend nearly twenty years as an entrepreneur in venture capital, as an inventor, and in technology that has reinforced my knowledge in business. Sight shows me to trust things that are, allowing me privileges that most would not understand. Over the years I have been honored to share the sight with people in their personal lives, and businesses for there own growth.

Over time I have transformed my spiritual understand and the importance of sight through people and other sources. I have studied at ETSU earning two degrees, one in philosophy with an emphasis on religion and also a degree in history. Through life experience, education, and spiritual connection I have done many psychic readings over the years. Without sight, I would never understand the power of love and the impact everything plays in each of our lives.