Care Messages – Spiritual Messages : Care messages come when needed to lift spirits or to show other options. Your future is yours and you must decide that future. Spirits guide silently, yet one must make choices based on free will. Please only ask for my help if you truly need it.

Counseling – Spiritual /Life: This service strengthen purpose, challenges ideals, and expands mind. Discovery of weakness, and then removing fears from with in, allows new goals to create the outcome one seeks.

Group Sessions – Seven Steps: These are online and or at different locations. On average about an hour long and could require audience interaction. For those whom want to connect with the world around them or just need to find an answer to life.



Intuitive Business Consultant – Issues or fires go away with sight, plan of action, and follow through.

Public Speaking/Seminars: Organizations that need powerful message delivered to a group.

Trainer/Adviser: On going presence spotting coming issues then advising and training.